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Articulating Wall Mount Benefits

There are many TV mounting brackets on the market depending on your needs and your budget. The articulating wall mount is just one of them.

Many people prefer this wall mount due to the need of adjusting the TV as you move along. Let me explain. Some wall mounts are fixing the TV in place, so once the television is set, there's no turning it around in any direction. Other mounts have some flexibility, allowing you to turn your TV either a bit on the horizontal or on the vertical.

The articulating wall mount, however, gives you full flexibility. This is perfect when you move about the room and you need to adjust your TV to offer you the best view possible no matter where you are or what you do that time. This gadget could be well installed in the kitchen so you can catch a glimpse at the TV program when you are about and making lunch or dinner.

This makes this type of wall mount perfect and very practical. Installing wall mounts is really the rage these days, but not all mounts are actually practical. Many are there simply for aesthetic reason. Well, this one is not only nice to look at (there are really some great brands and models out there when it comes to the articulating tv wall mount) but also extremely useful.

With some of these wall mounts you can actually move your TV as far as 2 feet away from the wall or you can even tilt it down so you can mount the TV above the furniture without having you to watch the television at an impossible angle.

Because of this additional flexibility, the articulating wall mount is not cheap. However you don't buy one of these every day, so if you want comfort, class and that cool look, this is the one to go for. When you buy one of these TV mounting brackets you get everything with it that you need to properly install it, including various bolts, the trusted Allen assembly key, spacers, wire ties and mounts. The good thing is, these mounts can hold quite heavy TVs considering that many of these weight over 60 lbs, so they are considered truly heavy duty home equipment.

There is a difference in actually installing the TV mount, as the assembly is a bit more complicated than installing a flat mount bracket, for example. However the TV mounting device has very easy to follow directions, so unless you are a two left-handed person, you can do it without a problem.

When the TV is mounted you will see the difference. It practically makes the huge TV float as in midair, it is absolutely a gorgeous thing to look at. Also with this type of TV mounting you won't have any problems with wiring, as moving the television out to make place for the wires is a no brainer.

All in all if you want true flexibility in a place where you're constantly moving and want to have easy access to that sweet point of watching the TV without having to twist your neck in the process, if you want a beautiful set that simply elevates your TV set to new heights and adds further beauty to your room, the articulating wall mount is the tv mounting bracket to go for.

Check out some of these handpicked articulating wall mounts for your plasma or LCD TV. They are all great performers in their league.

Hercules articulating wall mountHercules(by Opteka) HRM-100 Super Strong Plasma and LCD TV Dual-Arm Articulating Wall Mount for 32-Inch to 60-Inch

It is a universal mounting device that fits most flat panel screens between 32-60 inches. It has a tilting movement of 15 up and downwards degrees and it supports up to 175 pounds of weight. It is a very solid and sturdy build that supports quite a large number of flat screen televisions. If you mount your TV using 2 studs, it will hold the TV without fear for a long time. Quite good reviews at Amazon on this piece, where it is currently on sale from $137.87 to $112.08, at a 55% discount. For a full detailed view of this piece click on the link to go to Amazon. It is really enlarged there!

VideoSecu articulating wall mountVideoSecu MW370B Plasma LCD TV Articulating Swivel Dual Arm Wall Mount for most 37"-63" VESA LCD Plasma Display to 165lbs

VideoSecu is a household name when it comes to TV brackets. This particular articulating mount doesn't disappoint. If fits most 37-63" television and the weight that it supports is up to 165 punds. It tilts up and down 15 degrees. This wall mount really gives you the perfect viewing angle for your TV as it has also a 180 degrees lateral rotation. Currently on sale at Amazon from $259.99 to only $99.99 at a full 62% discount. Go grab it now!

Sanus articulating wall mountSanus VMDD26B Articulating Wall Mount for 42" to 63" DisplaysFor something exquisit that people with style love, have a look at this beautiful Sanus articulating wall mount. It is a bit pricier indeed, but someone actually labelled it 'functional art', so you can imaging the type of reviews and oppinions it gets from people who see it life! Absolutely wonderful design, high quality material and functionality, this is a full motion articulating wall mount with dual hinged armes for those huge plasma televisions. You can watch the TV from practically any angle at the touch of a finger. You can tilt it, swivel it, pan it and even extend it up to 25.75" from the wall. If your home is elegant, modern and with style in mind, you have to get this piece that will effectively enhance the look of any room it is placed in. From a full $619.99 right now Amazon has it at a 43% discount at a price of only $352. You save almost the half of its original price here. Don't miss the chance to grab it at a bargain for the truly gorgeous functional art it is!