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TV Mounted Bracket Reviews

The simple truth is that television mounts and brackets are not a very “sexy” topic. They are not fun or exciting to look at, and they don’t spark the imagination. They are, quite literally, behind the scenes.

But, that doesn’t mean wall mounts and brackets are not important. On the contrary, they are large part of the home entertainment improvement arsenal, and growing in popularity along with the prominence of flat-panel televisions. As the price of these types of televisions goes down, options for where to put them naturally must increase – enter the television wall mounts and brackets.

For those people who are completely new to wall mounts and brackets, their main function is to anchor a flat-panel television to the wall or ceiling. Other types of mounts are used for mounting things like projectors and CRT monitor televisions, but the reviews found here primarily focus on the types of mounts used for plasma and LCD televisions (although the companies that make them likely also manufacture other similar products).

These mounts/brackets come in three basic varieties: flat (or low-profile), tilt and full-motion. Flat mounts have no moving parts, and provide an anchor to hang a television on the wall, like a picture. From this base design more features are added to fashion more complex mounts. The tilting mount has a pivot that allows for vertical adjustment of the television. And full-motion mounts allow the TV to be rotated up and down as well as adjusted from side to side on the horizontal plane. There are even more advanced mounts and brackets beyond these three types, but again, the reviews found here focus mainly on the basics.

The basic design of the flat mount is very straightforward, and it’s hard to imagine much difference in build quality. But, that is exactly why these reviews have been offered. Sometimes the positive or negative qualities of an item as simple as a TV bracket are found in the manufacture or the type of raw materials used.
For example, lists over 51 different brands of television wall mounts and TV mounting brackets, and that list is very likely not complete. And, each manufacturer produces anywhere from one type of mount to more than 1,000 varieties. Spoiler alert: the reviews found here do not cover every brand. But, it is also very likely that many of these brands are manufactured by the same companies and only sold under different brand names.

That’s where research can be very valuable. Does Sony sell the same kind of wall mounts as VideoSecu? Do they sell the same brand? If they do, is one more reasonable priced than another? Do these brands have the same manufacturer? Of course, relying on a site like and this site to do the research is going to save a great deal of time, and it makes good sense to do so.

One thing that any researcher will find with very little effort is that prices vary significantly in this market between different vendors, and it pays to take the time to look around. It also pays to read user reviews in addition to professional product reviews and retailer descriptions. No one has less invested in an honest review than someone who has bought the product and either liked it, or thought it was not worth the money.

So here are the TV mounting brackets brands that we are constanttly reviewing on this site. Please keep checking back for further reviews.

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