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Use A Corner TV Mount When You're Strapped For Space At Home

What is a corner TV mount? Well it is the perfect solution if you're strapped for space in your home. Let me explain.

We are used to mounting out televisions on the wall or ceiling, or maybe placing it on a stand somewhere. While these options are great, some people are still struggling for space in their room, and yet they have 4 corners that are totally underutilized. So this is why somebody came up with the idea of making use of this otherwise dead area and creating extra space in the room. And let's be honest, it is a great concept!

It is also great when you have a room with many doors, windows and other things that don't allow you to mount your TV on the wall. You can simply install your television with a swing arm mount so you can adjust your angle of viewing to your liking. Also you can adjust the height, so there is plenty of flexibility achieved.

One point to mention is that the corner TV mount works well for both plasma TVs and LCD TVs.

One way to do it yourself if you feel inclined to is to buy one of the regular TV mounting brackets and get yourself a 2x6 or 2x12 board. Then cut the board ends at around 45 degree angles and simply mount it to wall studs between the two walls of the corner. If you do it yourself though you need to pay extreme attention as the televisions are quite heavy so unless you mounted it securely, you might end with the risk of having a TV mess on your floor sooner rather than later. The board has to be fastened very stable and securely to the walls. When you've done this and you're sure that the board will hold, simply take the mounting bracket that you bought and mount it on the wall.

If you don't feel like doing all this work by youself or you're not sure if your home made board will hold, you can find at Amazon plenty of corner wall mounts to choose from. You can even get yourself a corner TV stand so there is no need for you to mount the TV on the wall at all. But in that case you need to have ample of space in the corner where you want to mount your TV. Plus the television might not be high enough for how you want to view it. People are lately used to have their televisions a bit above eye level, particularly when they like to sit comfy in their couches so having a TV on a low stand might not work for some.

When you buy your tv mount for the corner walls, make sure that you get something of good quality. The fittings should be varied and the brand should be from a well known manufacturer. Since it will most likely cost you a buck or two, it's not worth going for something cheap. We're not talking here about something in the range of $20. And it should have a cantilevered linkage arm to make it easier to tilt your TV.

One of the materials used for this type of mount is the aluminum alloy. This is because it's maybe the lightest of materials that are used for TV mounting brackets, while at the same time offering plenty of durability and stability for your TV on the wall. Also they make for a good aesthetical bonus in your living room. Buying something that goes well with your room ambient it's important, even if it's not the ultimate factor to consider.

If you've bought yourself the Cornermount brand by AVF Group, watch this Youtube video to see how easy it is to mount to your wall.