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Flat Panel TV Mounts Buying Tips

A new flat panel TV is usually the easiest to buy and install. What is more difficult is buying the TV mount.

What is more difficult is buying the TV mount. Most of the televisions do not come with the relevant mounting equipment so in order to get the flat panel TV up and running, you will need to get yourself also a TV mount kit. Flat Panel TV Mounts are used to mount your LCD or Plasma flat panel TV virtually anywhere.

Most of these TVs use the VESA Standard (VESA stands for Video Electronics Standards Association). If the TV is VESA compatible, it will have a VESA number which will tell you exactly what type of flat panel television mount you should buy. For example a VESA 100/200 means that the mounting holes are placed in a rectangular pattern with one set of holes being at 100 mm and the second one at 200 mm. You can find this info in the owners manual. Alternatively you can also find it online at the website of the manufacturer.

Most of the TV mounts for flat panels have a weight and size limit so you should make sure that the mount is strong enough to hold your new flat panel TV. You can also find this particular information in the owners manual or on the website of the manufacturer.

There are various options for the flat panel television mount. First you need to know where you will mount your TV as there might be some adjustments necessary. For example you might want to swivel your TV mount from left to right or tilt your TV upwards or downwards. You might also want to nudge it in any of the four positions and then get it centered wherever you want. Flat panel TV mounts have usually all these options.

One of the favorite places to buy flat panel TV mounts is online at Amazon. Amazon is a great place to buy electronics because first of all they have free shipping and the section is simply amazing. Whenever I go to a local store, I simply don't find that huge selection that Amazon seems to have all the time on their items. And you can find many times bargains at Amazon, you just have to keep checking their website. So if you're looking to buy a new flat panel TV, get yourself the proper mount as it most probably won't have it included in the pack.