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Flat Screen Mount Benefits And Features

What is the reason for a flat screen mount? With the introduction of flat screens, the whole viewing experience of many people has been dramatically improved.

One challenge that many individual are now facing is integrating the new tv screens in the already existing living room without deteriorating other room functions. The ideal screen height is at eye level when seating on the chair or couch, this is why the screen has to be also properly elevated.

This is where the flat screen mount comes into play. If the room is in a particular way, the screen needs to be mounted above the furniture or fireplace. Alternatively the screen needs to be positions to be perfect for viewing, yet to be flat against the wall when it's not in use. All these warrant a flat screen mount.

You can find such mounts in various designs, models and price ranges. The structural weight carrying capacity of the mount is one aspect that is taken into account when purchasing your flat screen mount. When you know which screen you are using and you know its weight, it's quite easy to select the best flat screen mount that you can find for your chosen TV that has sufficient capacity.

If you don't need to move your screen around, you can get a fixed or also called flat mount bracket, which will also save you money as it is the simplest design and the cheapest at the same time. If you want more flexibility, however, you need to go for some of the more complex designs for mounts. Some tv mounts rotate left and right (swivel), rotate up and down ( tilt), and you can also find arm brackets that swing. Another option is going for fully articulated brackets that offer you the best flexibility around.

Regardless of your particular requirements, you will find the best flat screen mount that suits your needs. This is why picking the best flat screen mount is your primary step in getting you the best enjoyment of you new flat screen TV.

One of the recommended flat screen mount brands is the Sanus range of television mounts.

Some of the main features of this mount brand are:

- Universal flat screen tv mount
- Heavy-gauge steel construction gives it a sleek, high-tech look also providing extra durability
- It fits flat panel TVs between 30"-56"
- No mounting plates

The Youtube video below will show you how to quickly install your flat screen tv.


However once you have properly and safely installed your TV mount, it is time to sit back, relax and enjoy the view.