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LCD Ceiling Mount Ideas For Optimizing Your Space At Home

With an LCD ceiling mount you will optimize the space you have at home or in your office as well as your computer desk.

With an LCD ceiling mount you will optimize the space you have at home or in your office as well as your computer desk. It is not only useful for monitors but also for TVs that need to hang above the bed or above the kitchen cabinet. Of course it is perfect for hanging the LCD monitor and TV anywhere one has adequate space, provided that the apparel is mounted vertically.

There are several models of ceiling mounts, each with a different set of useful functions for the viewer. Many of these functions actually are perfect for saving space in a tight, limited area. With some mounts the mounting tube is raised and lowered, which allows the LCD display to be brought down to the height needed and then raise it to the original position after use. Some other mounts enable the monitor and tube to be folded up once no longer needed which makes them sit flat against the ceiling. The cords and cabled can also be safely run through the tubing.

Most of the LCD ceiling mounts have full 360 degree rotation and swivel, which means that you are able to spin the display around and tilt it in any position that you need. You can use a variety of TV and monitor sizes, some having a capacity to hold up to 20 inches while others up to 50 inches LCD Displays.

As a matter of fact there are some ceiling mounts that are able to hold several displays in one, usually up to 4. This setup is mostly available for businesses, however if you are thinking of having 2 monitors and 2 TVs in one place, this is the best setup for you.

However the LCD ceiling mount is truly beneficial for small displays. When you want to install an LCD computer monitor, this mount is perfect. When you need more desk space, this is what you need to get to de-clutter your office space while at the same time offering a great viewing angle.

When purchasing an LCD ceiling mount, make sure that it comes with clear written instructions, as some only come with diagrams which might be confusing at first to follow. However the pictures are usually quite self explanatory and such a mount can be safely installed in one afternoon, sometimes sooner. Also this kind of mount is very cheap compared to other tv mounts, maybe because it usually is made to hold smaller TV and monitor sizes.